Nail Services




most basic form of nail enhancement due to its durability and low maintenance created to strengthen and lengthen natural nails; formed by mixing acrylic powder and liquid. It extends real nails to any length and shape. Bi-weekly refills are recommended.

  • $25 Full Set
  • $15 Fill Ins

UV Gel


Gels create naturally lightweight, lustrous looking nails. It is the strongest form of nail enhancement that provides outlasting shine for those with naturally weak and brittle nails.

  • $35 Full Set
  • $23 Fill Ins

Pink & White (Solar Gel)


An Everlasting French Tip Style ,Pink & White Gels are used to create the French tip design that are free of chipping and yellowing. This is completed in a two-step process with the white powder at the free edge and pink powder at the nail bed.

  • $45 Full Set
  • $33 Pink & White Fill Ins
  • $23 Pink Fill Ins Only

Color Powder (Solar Gel)


In the same family of the Pink & White style of artificial nails, the only differences are the varieties of colored powder and rhinestones embedded in the powder.

  • $45 Full Set(2 colors)
  • $35 Fill Ins (2 colors)
  • $35 Fill Ins (1 color)

China Silk Wrap

China Silk Wrap nails are made with silk fabrics formed on top of natural fingernails. These silk nail products are designed to enhance the look of the fingernails as well as protect them.

  • $50 Full Set
  • $40 Fill Ins

Liquid Gel


Liquid gel nails are made by using thicker forms of liquid gel (no powder used). This creates nails that are bendable and flexible at any length without worrying about breakage and chipping and damage to your real nails.

  • $45 Full Set
  • $35 Fill Ins