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All Lee Nails & Spa manicures and pedicures are spa quality, beginning with a refreshing peppermint soak. Nails are shaped, cuticles trimmed, and treated with a warm towel wrap to enhance hydration. The sole of the feet are buffed to smooth soft finish. Also includes an invigorating and stimulating hand/feet massage. Callus treatment and polish included.

Classic Essential


An excellent way to maintain skins and cuticles looking refresh and healthy. A peppermint cooling gel scrub will arouse the senses and relieve tensions.

  • $12 Manicure
  • $25 Pedicure
  • $35 Package



Lift your spirit with this aromatherapy lavender mineral sea salt glow. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients, aloe vera and vitamin E, this exfoliation will instantly makes your skin soft , smooth, glowing and vibrant. Relax and unwind with a fortified Vitamin E and pineapple oil massage. Callus treatment is included.

  • $20 Manicure
  • $30 Pedicure
  • $45 Package

Milk & Honey Pedicure


With a combination of natural sugar and Macadamia nut oil, this citrus anti-oxidant exfoliation will leave your skin freshly hydrated and conditioned to velvet perfection. A peach Bellini paraffin wax will deeply moisturized and nourish skin to an exceptional youthful glow. Complete this treat with shea butter milk and honey massage.

  • $25 Manicure
  • $35 Pedicure
  • $55 Package



Experience for yourself the massage therapy that uses Basalt hot stones for healing that dated back to ancient times. Your skins are prepped with peppermint cooling gel sea salt scrub. Continued with an invigorating Basalt hot stones massage infused with Suntouched Lavender candle oil. The applied heat promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation. Recommended for those with tired muscles and aching joints.

  • $30 Manicure
  • $ 40 Pedicure
  • $ 65 package
  • Tropical Deluxe Pedicureimages

  • Sit back and relax with a glass of wine while your feet are soaked in a tub full of tropical delights consisting of fresh slices of oranges, lemons, and limes. The herbal blend dissolves dull skin cells while the antioxidants and vitamins fight free-radicals. Treatment includes a hot stone massage with citrus butter cream. Finishing with a warm paraffin wax treatment leaving your feet feeling soft and renewed!

  • $ 30 Manicure
  • $45 Pedicure
  • $ 70 Package
  • New Jelly Pedicure


There are two components to Jelly Pedi. First is a powder that contains natural plant extracts and oils and when combined with warm water, transforms into translucent jelly within minutes. Customers can soak exfoliate and massage in a tub full of jelly for a unique spa experience.
When finished, add the Mineral Salt and watch as the jelly is dissolved back into water for easy drainage.The Ultimate Nu Skin Galvanic Pedicure

  • $ 30 Manicure
  • $45 Pedicure
  • $ 70 Package
  • The Ultimate Nu Skin Galvanic PedicureReNuU290wide

A Native American secret to leg relief! Using Nu Skin exclusive ageLOC & Organic Epoch Products to penetrate deep into the skin for instant and longer lasting results.

Nu sKin has an array of benefits. It focuses on softening rough calluses, anti-aging, deep skin exfoliation, cellulite reduction and deep skin hydration. A special Nu Skin Galvanic conductor tool is used to gently work products deeper into your skin.

This treatment Feature a Herbal Mineral Bath soak with a combination of 21 herbs that can extract toxins from your skin pores. Follow by an exfoliation with Liquid Body Lufra and an IceDancer Invigorating Gel which revives and stimulates tired legs.

A Sole Solution Foot Treatment is applied to relieve persistent dry,cracked,or red skin, leaving them feeling silky soft. An all day moiturizer with Baobab Body Butter is then applied to moiturize, protect and soothe skin. A brief hot stone massage with a dip in warm paraffin wax is included.

  • $45 Pedicure
  • $25 Manicure
  • $65 Package